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Scalded LA dog is inspiration for animal abuse registry

Amazing Grace takes a peanut butter break! Amazing Grace takes a peanut butter break!

Right now there is no law in Louisiana to prevent someone convicted of animal abuse from walking into a shelter and getting a new animal. New steps against animal abuse were sparked by the survival story of one Many, Louisiana puppy named Amazing Grace. After hearing her story, an Illinois woman adopted Amazing Grace. She's being trained as a therapy dog to work with burn victims and bullied kids, but in the meantime, her owner Sally Warnhoff is working to put a stop to animal abuse.

 "We'll be going and working on very constructive legislation to help with prevention on this in the future" Warnhoff says.  She is trying to ensure that fewer animals are bullied like her adoptive puppy, Amazing Grace.

"In Louisiana this week, I'll be meeting with the state representative and state senator for this area to discuss the status of legislation in Louisiana. Hopefully naming it the Amazing Grace Law, just getting the message out about an animal offender registry so that those convicted don't get a hold of other animals" Warnhoff says.

New York is the only state to pass a bill for an animal abuse registry. Warnhoff says, just like sex offenders have to register on a list, if an animal abuse registry passes in the bayou state, animal abusers would have to do the same.

"It helps because the people that are using a dog for bait dogs or they have problems formerly abusing animals, it prevents them from getting a hold of a humane society or another rescue, they can check that list and realize this person isn't one who should have an animal in their possession" Warnhoff says.

This type of law has seen some controversy by the Humane Society of the United States. They called it a shaming of the mentally unstable. Supporters say the point is to prevent abusers from getting more animals, not to make a spectacle of those people.

Warnhoff and Amazing Grace will be at the old train depot in Many all week selling t-shirts with "Burned, Bullied, and Healed" logo on it. All the money made will go back towards keeping strays off the street in Many.

Last summer, Grace was scalded with hot water, leaving large burns across her back. Police arrested a 12 year old boy who admitted to the crime. Months later, the boy's grandmother told authorities she boiled water and oil for her grandson to dump on the dog. She's serving a suspended prison sentence of three months and on one year supervised probation. That grandmother will also have to pay $1,200 to the Sabine Humane Society for expenses in saving Amazing Grace.

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