Tiede asks court to consider new evidence, shorter sentence

CARTHAGE, TX (KSLA) - An attorney for convicted murderer Bernie Tiede wants the court to consider shortening his prison sentence in light of new evidence in the case.

Tiede appeared in a Carthage courtroom in front of Judge Diane DeVasto early Wednesday afternoon. More than 40 people, including media, packed the courtroom for the hearing.

"I loved him, he was a real special guy in our lives, but when you do something wrong, you do something wrong," said Carolyn Moore a friend of Tiede who attended the hearing. She said while she is still fond of him, she didn't agree with changing his sentence.

Tiede's new attorney Jodie Cole told the judge that her client is "seeking relief based on mitigating evidence."  Cole did not go into any detail about what the nature of that evidence is, but it has been reported that she organized an interview between Bernie and a psychiatrist that uncovered Bernie had been abused by a family member when he was a teen, which could have contributed to his violent behavior.

When asked if she would want to know the details of that mitigating evidence Moore responded "I would, I'll be back to see what's in there because I think that would be something for us to know".

Moore says she had seen the movie based on the murder, but didn't think it showed her home town in a very good light. "I thought it made a laughing stock of Carthage Texas.

Tiede is currently sentenced to life in prison, with the possibility for parole in 2027.

During the hearing, Tiede also affirmed his agreement to have Cole represent him from here.

DeVasto requested help from attorneys in gathering all the information and records needed for the case. A new hearing is tentatively scheduled for March.

Court was adjourned and Tiede will be back in court once a revised writ is filed.

There is a pending felony theft charge against Tiede which will be taken up a later date. Cole will represent him in that case as well.

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