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Deadbeat roundup: Agents target north Louisiana's worst child support offenders

They are Louisiana's most wanted "deadbeat" parents who are millions of dollars behind in child support.

And recently, warrants were issued for the arrest of 26 of the worst offenders from Caddo Parish.

The roundup happened on December 3, 2013. Some of warrants were for parents who owed as much as $40,000.

"Our goal is to get them on track to let them know hey you can't hide that we're going to find you," said William Tilley, Department of Child and Family Services (DCFS) spokesman. "You may hide for a while but sooner or later we're going to find you."

In all, seven non-custodial parents were taken into custody and $62,000 was taken off child support rolls.

That's only a small portion of total money collected in back child support. Last year, the DCFS office in Shreveport, which serves Caddo, Bossier, Webster, Jackson, Claiborne and Bienville parishes, collected 36 million dollars in back child support. That's a 60-percent rate.

Each case worker handles anywhere from 700 to 900 cases each, and they are updated every three months according to DCFS officials.

There is a jobs program that helps unemployed non-custodial parents find jobs to help pay child support. The Good Support Program joins forces between the Caddo court system and Goodwill Industries to meet with parents who need jobs, give them training and help them find work.

For more information on the Good Support Program, contact Kim Williams AT Goodwill Industries at 318-868-4936.

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