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High speed chase leads to hit-and-runs, crash

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A high-speed chase between Shreveport Police and the driver of a stolen car led to three separate hit-and-run crashes before the stolen car finally crashed and police captured the alleged driver.

It all began about 1:00 p.m., on this Thursday, January 30th, starting near the intersection of Hollywood Avenue and Mansfield Road, and ending at the Villa Marquis Apartments off Jewella Avenue in Shreveport.

We caught up with two of the drivers who's vehicles were hit during that chase. That included JD. Whitaker, who told us, "This vehicle was being chased by the police officers. And he made a U-turn in the middle of the street here. And at that point, that's when he side-swiped me."

Whitaker pointed to the damage on the front-end of his week-old Toyota Tundra, still shocked that his quiet, Thursday lunch-time drive somehow got mingled-up in a high-speed police chase between cops and a man speeding away in a stolen car.

Shreveport Police Corporal Michael Schulz told us, "The (stolen) vehicle was westbound, ran through the light and struck the black Chevy that's across the street. It spun the vehicle, he continued westbound, made a U-turn in the street and that's when he struck this Tundra."

Across Hollywood Avenue, we met Lance Beatty, the driver of the first truck to be hit, when the stolen car ran a red light at Hollywood Mansfield Road. "I never saw him. I was like the third car through this red light and bam hit him, spun about two times down Hollywood and hit that other truck and kept going, the police were after him," recalled Beatty.

And it didn't end there. Whitaker continued, "(the stolen car) went on to Mansfield Road here and made a right turn. By that time the police were en route in pursuit once again after that individual."

After a few more twists and turns, and another minor hit-and-run. the stolen silver Chevy Cavalier finally came to a stop after hitting a curb at the parking lot entrance to the Villa Marquis Apartments off Jewella Avenue.

Police on the scene told us that as bad as this situation was, it could have been far worse. Someone, they say, could have been hurt or even killed. "Yeah, very amazing. So, I'm actually pretty shocked, " concluded Cpl. Schulz.

Back at the final crash scene, police had arrested the alleged driver of the stolen car. He's identified as 23-year old Lachadrick Allen of Shreveport. Officers said it appears Allen was trying to get back home, but didn't quite make it.

Allen now faces a host of criminal charges including: Flight in a Vehicle, Illegal Possession of Stolen Things and Wreckless Operation of a Vehicle. Officers nicknamed Allen a quote, 'frequent flier," because this is not the first time he's tried to run from police and got caught.


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