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Bossier hotel clerk speaks out after being robbed at gunpoint

Surveillance video shows a suspect jumping over the counter Surveillance video shows a suspect jumping over the counter

A Bossier City hotel clerk fears for her life, after her terrifying ordeal of being robbed and assaulted during her overnight shift Sunday.  

It happened Sunday morning at the Bossier Inn and Suites in the 700 block of Diamond Jacks Boulevard. "It was a regular night as always," said the 22-year-old victim who wishes to stay anonymous.

She was counting the money for the night, when a customer walked in, "He walked in, I looked up and thought he was a regular customer," she said. But that's when a normal night turned into a horrifying nightmare. Surveillance video shows a man charging at the desk, jumping over it and grabbing her. "I was scared for my life, because I've never been in that predicament before," she said.

"He put the gun to my side and said, 'Do what I say or I'll kill you,'" she explained he took her to the back and sexually assaulted her, then took her to the front and demanded money, but when he pulled her into the back again, this time she struggled. "I was fighting him back and I was getting away, until he got his pistol and hit me on the side of my face. It dazed me and knocked my glasses off," she said.
That's when, in the surveillance video, the suspect can be seen running, even grabbing more money on the way out. The victim says she then banged on hotel room doors until a young couple answered and called police.

"My heart almost stopped," said Hotel Manager Angie Ware, who is horrified this happened at her hotel. Now she's brainstorming ways to increase security. "We'll always have two workers here at night from now on," said Ware and explained that she and her employees will be on edge until the suspect is caught. "We are here putting our heads together trying to put our heads together seeing if we can remember him from a previous time or place, he just needs to be caught," she said. 
On Tuesday, Bossier City police released additional surveillance video that shows the man walking into the hotel.

If you have any information that can help Bossier Police find and arrest the suspect, call Bossier Crime Stoppers at 318-424-4100. Tips can remain anonymous and can bring a reward if they lead to an arrest.

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