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Thousands in Shreveport-Bossier march with a message


There was a massive turn out Saturday morning for the Right to Life march. Thousands of people gathered at the Louisiana Boardwalk to march over the Texas Street Bridge and into Festival Plaza. The group marched with one message: that one abortion is too many.

"Right now Shreveport, Caddo, and Bossier Parishes are the abortion capital of the state, there is no other joining parishes that accounts for more abortions. There's 2 abortion facilities in this area and together in 2012 they performed 4,003 abortions, that's almost half of the states abortion total" Benjamin Clapper, with the Louisiana Right to Life Federation, says.

"Just remind them of the tremendous opportunity pregnancy is to bring a life into this world" Bryan Gunter, a marcher, says. His wife, Trish, agrees: "I am currently expecting and I know what a blessing a child is, I have 3 others. Abortion does more than just kill a child, it hurts the mother as well, they live with regret and I think it does more harm than good."

Nearly 5,000 people joined the Right to Life march, starting at the Louisiana Boardwalk, marching over the Texas Street Bridge, and into Festival Plaza. "It was pretty exciting, my son had never been on the bridge before and he was excited to be up there, he thought he was on top of the world" Eric Mayes, a marcher, says.

The Right to Life Federation is working with government officials to try to limit abortions. "We want to pass laws to prevent the abortion industry from advancing their efforts, remember, they are making at least $450 off every abortion, it's a money making industry in Shreveport, and we want to use laws to stop that" Clapper says.

They are hoping more pregnant women will choose to visit pregnancy centers and adoption agencies. KSLA News 12 contacted one of the abortion clinics in Shreveport. They said that everyone is entitled to their own opinion but that they hope people can respect women's right to go to their clinic.

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