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Hamburger meat laced with rat poison suspected in deaths of 2 dogs


A Caddo Heights man believes 2 of his dogs were poisoned, the latest in a rash of suspicious pet deaths in several Shreveport neighborhoods.

Caddo-Bossier Animal Rescue says pets are being poisoned in several Shreveport neighborhoods, including Broadmoor and Highland, but it's hard to tell if they are connected or isolated cases.

Caddo Heights resident Fred Gary says he just buried 2 of his dogs in his backyard. "I love my animals, they're like my children. I just can't believe anyone would do anything to hurt an animal, especially poisoning them or something like that, it's just really cruel."

Gary says the dogs were killed after eating hamburger meat that was mixed with rat poison that someone tossed into his backyard. "Yeah, we found some and that's how we knew what happened, but basically it was too late by then."

Gary says he let his dog Sheeba outside Friday, and she was never the same again. "She went outside, perfectly healthy, comes back in 20 minutes later acting really lethargic, started drooling, started throwing up, would not eat, and I tried to help her through the night, and she died at 10:45 the next morning. She died in my arms. She just kind of went stiff and quit responding to me."

Now, Gary fears the for the safety of his 4 other pets. "Now, I go out and I walk the back fence line. I walk the side fence line, I make sure nothing is on the ground that they can get, and when I do let them out, I'm at the back door and I'm looking out watching, just to make sure."

He is also buying security cameras to make sure that if it happens again, the person responsible will not get away with it. "I called, of course, animal control, and they said if I didn't have security cameras or get to see it, nothing could really be done" Gary says.

Caddo Parish Animal Control would not confirm if they were investigating. According to the Caddo–Bossier Animal Rescue, no arrests have been made.

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