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Spiritual leader weighs in on legalizing marijuana in Louisiana


A Shreveport pastor weighs in on talk among some lawmakers of legalizing marijuana for medicinal purposes, saying he worries that it might be more about tax dollars than the health of the community.

It's a topic that was brought up at the State's capital on Tuesday. Law enforcement officials have already announced their opposition, saying their main concern is safety.

On Wednesday, Praise Temple Full Gospel Bishop Larry Brandon expressed concerns about the motivation he fears would be behind the legalization of pot.  "I wouldn't appreciate our government getting into something like that just to get tax dollars we have to think of the lives of our people and the lives of our children."

Supporters argue that legalizing marijuana in Louisiana would shrink jail population and help treat ailments, and it would create a new crop for the government to tax.

"But as far as unleashing it and legalizing it and anybody going out to buy it, then we're opening the doors to our children to buy it," Bishop Brandon says.

18 states have legalized medical marijuana. Only Colorado and Seattle allows residents to possess it for recreational use.

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