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Pets poisoned in Shreveport neighborhoods


Caddo-Bossier Animal Rescue is investigating reports suspicious pet deaths in several Shreveport neighborhoods. They believe several dozen cats, pets and strays were poisoned in the area within the past few weeks.

"For some reason, there's been a spike in the number of reports we get of cats being poisoned in Shreveport. They all seem to be isolated incidents but we don't know what's causing the spike" Reed Ebarb, with the Caddo – Bossier Animal Rescue, says. Cats have been going missing, becoming lethargic and then dying, and one report shows, even being shot. It says: "veterinarian found 2 BB's in cats head, as well as evidence of poison."

"Just in Broadmoor and Highland seem to be where most of the poisonings are coming from," Ebarb says. "There's a possibility they're related, the locations are so spread out, there doesn't seem to be any consistency with the times and locations but it's very possible they are related."

"I have seen some animals on the sidewalk that are dead, so I was figuring that someone must have been doing something," says Broadmoor resident David Morrison. Morrison says there are dozens of stray cats in the area, "But there's got to be a better way to solve the problem than just killing them. I just think it must be some really cruel people you know that want to sit there and poison innocent animals."

The Caddo-Bossier Animal Rescue says they are investigating the poisonings, but have limited resources. "In Shreveport, I don't know of anyone who has been caught, we just started investigating, as an agency, we are understaffed so unfortunately, we don't have enough people to go out and investigate all the time," according to Ebarb.

The animal rescue suggests owners keep animals inside or on a leash to ensure they are not poisoned. In Caddo Parish, it's a law to keep your cat indoors. Under that law, there's no such thing as an outdoor cat. If the those responsible for poisoning the cats is caught, they face a more than $5,000 fine or be imprisoned for more than year, or both.

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