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LA Legislators discuss legalizing pot


Tuesday's Louisiana's House Criminal Justice Committee talked about the legalization of marijuana. Specifically, they discussed a study proposed by one of the committee members.

"This is all I'm asking for, to study and see what effects it has on the body the mind, and society in general," said Representative Dalton Honore.

But Representative Roy Burrell from Shreveport is also a member of that committee. He assures KSLA News 12 that he's keeping an open mind. "I understand that there are those who feel there is a great amount of benefit, and those who feel there is a great amount of harm, my position is neutral," said Burrell.

But when pressed to take a position, Burrell stops short of offering support. "My personal feeling, I do have concern about unleashing any type of drug onto the public until it's been thoroughly vetted and discussed," said Burrell.

Shreveport mayoral hopeful, Melvin Slack Junior wasted no time siding with the legalize it team, saying pot is just another vice. "Everybody in the world has some type of dilemma that they're dealing with, whether it's drinking, whether it's smoking, gambling, hustling, or banging."

In a recent public policy poll more than half of people who live in Louisiana said they would support changing laws to regulate and tax marijuana sales.

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