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Local realtors on alert for man posing as police officer


Texarkana-area realtors are on alert for suspicious phone calls from a man reportedly posing as a police officer, trying to get female agents to meet him alone in remote locations.

Megan Driver is one of those agents. "I asked him a little bit more about the property, but he really couldn't give me couldn't give me much information about it. He just wanted to know how quickly I could meet him."

Driver, who works with Rambo Real Estate, says she got that call last week from a man who claimed to be an Atlanta, Texas police officer concerning some property. But Driver says that property was on a rural road in Cass County, and she's sure the man did not work for the police department. "I knew right off the bat that it wasn't legit. He couldn't tell me anything about the property. He had a strong foreign accent. He wouldn't give me any information about the house. He was more concerned about getting me to the house."

Tracy Womack with the Texarkana Board of Realtors says at least 5 such calls have been made to female realtors in the Texarkana association. She says they are working to make sure they stay safe. "We have actually had a police officer do a speech on safety, as well as a self defense, and we always encourage our agents to use their common sense."

"Lots of time when I am showing, I like to be behind the client and that way I am closer to the door if I need to get out," offers Driver, as an example of just one of the precautions she takes. She says she hopes all her fellow realtors will use extra caution until the person responsible for the calls is identified by police and arrested.

Anyone with information that could be helpful to the police investigation is asked to contact the Cass County Sheriff's Department at (903) 756-7511.

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