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KSLA viewers become 'good Samaritans' in bike thefts case

Kiya and Collin Hall show off their new bikes given by a good Samaritan who saw our story on their bikes being stolen and took action Kiya and Collin Hall show off their new bikes given by a good Samaritan who saw our story on their bikes being stolen and took action

Three separate KSLA News 12 viewers became 'good Samaritans,' one day after watching our story of a brother and sister who had the bikes stolen this week; They were bikes each had won separately as top readers of their school in Shreveport.

We caught up with Bossier City gun range owner Paul Murray inside the Bossier City Walmart Friday morning, January 17th, as he picked out two brand new bicycles for 8-year old Collin Hall and his 10 year old sister, Kiya.

Each won bicycles for being named the top readers among all students at Midway Elementary School in Shreveport back in December, only to have someone steal them Monday night. That's despite the fact that the bikes were double-chained in their carport outside their Shreveport home.

Murray recalled our story from Thursday night, saying, "We're sitting there watching the news and saw your story and my wife just looked at me and the little girl crying. She knows little girls crying, I can't handle that." "She looked at me and said, 'Well, what are you gonna do?' I said, 'I'm going to make this right.'"

Murray did just that. He got on the phone on Thursday, first with KSLA and then with Collin and Kiya's mother, Patryce Hall. He explained that he wanted to buy them both new bikes. He was among the more than half dozen viewers who called us that night, wanting to do something for the kids.

So back at the Walmart store on Friday morning, after Murray bought those two bikes we drove to Hall's home in Shreveport, to deliver the bicycles to Collin and Kiya. We were greeted in the driveway by Patryce. And the kids quickly came outside:

PATRYCE HALL: "That's Mr. Paul Murray and he has something for you guys."
KIYA HALL: "Okay."
PAUL MURRAY: "Saw you on TV last night. You broke my heart."

Then, not long after Paul lifted the bikes out of his truck and handed them to Collin and Kiya, Bossier City viewer Jennifer Netterville arrived at the house, holding two bicycle locks:

JENNIFER NETTERVILLE: "Some heavy-duty locks."
PATRYCE HALL: "So they won't get stolen again."
JENNIFER NETTERVILLE: "Yes. And they offer up to (an) 850 dollar guaranty back for the bike if they do get stolen."
PATRYCE HALL: "Oh, that's awesome. Thank you." (She hugs Jennifer)
JENNIFER NETTERVILLE: "You are so welcome. Well, your kids are great kids."
KIYA HALL: "How do you do it? (operate the lock)
PATRYCE HALL: "I know how to do it."

Then another viewer, Jerry Bowman, arrived at the house. "Ms. Kiya, nice meeting you." Jerry brought two new bicycle helmets with him and handed one each to Collin and Kiya. While hugging Kiya he said, "I'm so proud of you. You stay in the school and do a good job too, okay?

Bowman is the eldest son of the late Joyce Bowman. She had represented this district on both the Shreveport City Council and the Caddo Parish Commission. Bowman said he knew his mother would have wanted him to help Collin and Kiya and felt compelled to help out. Jerry Bowman also bought two new bikes, as well. He said he will give them to Midway Elementary on Tuesday for the next 'top readers' contest.

And it turns out, Collin Hall said he knew the gifts were coming:

COLLIN HALL: "I had read the thing on the web page on the internet."
REPORTER: "So you knew?"
COLLIN HALL: "Yes sir."
REPORTER: "What do you think?"
COLLIN HALL: "I loved it!"

Kiya told us that one of the big reasons why she had been so excited about the bike she's won as a top reader was that she was going to learn how to ride a bike. That made the theft all the more devastating. So, we helped get her started a bit.

As Kiya sat on her newest bike, Jerry Bowman stood on one side of her and Paul Murray on the other. Paul leaned in and instructed: "When you start going just pedal forward. Just go slow okay. This is your brakes."

Then, slowly at first, Paul and Jerry began walking beside Kiya as she began to pedal. It became her first lesson. As Paul, Jerry and Kiya returned to the driveway, the assembled group broke out in a small cheer. Patryce Hall then offered, in the background, "That's the first step. That's all we need!"

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