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Bikes given as rewards stolen from brother & sister


Just one month after a brother and sister both won the award for 'top readers' in their grade school, their bicycles have been stolen this week. Now they're hoping the public can help find their bikes.

"It just broke my heart. I just couldn't take it," said 10-year old Kiya Hall, as she fought back tears recalling the theft of her brand new bicycle. She had just won it last month for being the top reader among all girls at Midway Elementary School in Shreveport.

Kiya added, "No, it wasn't fair for me or my brother." She's referring to her 8-year old brother, Collin, a second grader who won top reader among all the boys at Midway, from pre-K to 5th grade. Collin's bike was stolen with hers this week. Collin recalled his first reaction, as well. "Feel mad."

In fact, this isn't the first time this has happened to Collin. "They stole that one and then the first time I got a bike for being a top reader they stole it." That first bike theft happened to Collin last year. It was never found.

Their mom, Patryce Hall, also teaches at Midway Elementary and said she's tried to be strong for her kids. "I wanted to cry because I knew how hard they worked. But, I didn't want them to know that I was hurting on the inside. I wanted them to know that I was fighting for them and I'm going to do my best to get it back and if I can't get it back then I'll just go out and purchase more."

Patryce Hall said the bikes were most likely stolen sometime Monday night, January 13th. Patryce's mom, Vanita Hall, fears that whoever committed the crime must have approached the house twice, returning a second time with the tool necessary to cut away the chains wrapped around the bikes.

Standing at the spot where the bikes were once chained up in the house carport, Vanita Hall pointed the one broken chain left behind at the scene and said, "These (were) running in and out, in and out all the way over, it was just wrapped."

Now, Collin and Kiya Hall are hoping someone watches this story and calls police. Fighting back more tears, Kiya concluded, "I hope they will and if they do God bless them that they helped us."

Patryce Hall said she drove all around the neighborhood this week and even visited a local pawn shop, looking for those stolen bikes, but found nothing. She also filed a police report. So far, police say they have very little to go on.

Since our report first aired on Thursday's 6pm newscast, our phones began to ring with more than a half a dozen people offering to help Collin and Kiya. That includes a local couple that's offered to buy them both new bikes. We hope to have more on this story on Friday. Count on KSLA News 12 to keep you updated.

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