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Runners say exercising in the cold leads to better results


Runners say the cooler temps aren't keeping them from their daily cardiac workout on the track. Many runners say winter is the best time to get your body adjusted to running. They say they find it much easier to run during the cooler months for a number of reasons.

"You get a little more distance and it's a lot more comfortable here in Tyler, Texas, in the cooler months," said cross-country coach Bob Hepler.

"It's made a difference and I've noticed my endurance is getting stronger," Carly Horvath, a daily runner, said.

Doctors say one of the most important things is to wear enough layers for winter running.

"Whenever you wear more layers of clothing, your muscles warm up a lot quicker," Alex Worley, a daily runner, said. "I think that you sweat a lot more and it's a little harder for you to cool down."

"Generally people can get a lot more done in the cooler months except with the intensity," Hepler said. "Sometimes running hard in the cooler months might lead to some injuries."

Doctors say as runners gasp for air their lungs are working harder in cooler temps.

"Personally when I run in the cold weather my lungs hurt, so I kind of have a preference; I'd rather run in the hot weather than I would in the cold," Horvath said.

However, the warmer weather can exhaust the body faster.

"I would run in the summer and I would literally feel like I had just run eight miles, and it was only two miles," Horvath said.

Runners say it's better to do intense running, such as sprints, in warmer weather, but it is a lot easier to jog and run long distance during the winter.

"It's just a more enjoyable time; your body doesn't get overheated, so you're able to run further," Hepler said.

Running farther results in burning more calories, and doctors say that means better results for those who made a resolution to lose weight this year.

Some runners suggest March to be the best month to set a personal record around the track or through some trails.

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