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Natchitoches resident claims recycling tossed out with trash


A Natchitoches man says recyclables are being tossed in with the trash by the waste management company operating in his city, and he says he has the video to prove it.

Now, he wants answers.

The video taken by Rick Laning outside his home shows 2 cans on the curb, one black and one blue. One is for trash, the other is for recyclables. "We have to pay to recycle," Laning points out. Every day, Laning says he puts glass, plastic and other recyclables into the designated recycling bin. But he's starting to think it's just a waste of time. "They are picking up the trash and recycling together," Laning says, and he points to video taken last Friday on his tablet.

In it, a Progressive Waste Solutions truck can be seen picking up the black trash can and dumping its contents into the dumpster on the front of the truck. Next, the same truck picks up the recycling bin and dumps it into the same container.

KSLA News 12 called the company to find out if they were aware of what was happening, and their answer was, "Yes." 

We spoke with the Divisional Manager who told KSLA News 12 the recycling program has not been going well. James Veuleman, Jr. says only 30% of the city residents recycle, and some of those people mix their trash and recyclables. He says this commonly will force the company to throw it all away, but he says workers should be checking the bins before they dump. 

But Rick Laning insists that this was not the case with his own recyclables. 

"It's a waste of my time, but also we want to recycle. And believe that people should have to recycle," says Laning. 

The company also says that they are working on a new "Tagging" system with the City of Natchitoches. This system would let residents know how to recycle the right way, and if they mess up 3 times then their bins will be taken away.  

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