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CHRISTUS St. Michael launches affiliation with Cleveland Clinic


CHRISTUS St. Michael Health System announced on Monday an affiliation with the country's No. 1 heart hospital, Cleveland Clinic's Sydell and Arnold Miller Family Heart & Vascular Institute.

"The Ohio-based Cleveland Clinic has been ranked No. 1 in heart care by U.S. News & World Report for 19 consecutive years, and CHRISTUS St. Michael is the only facility in the region to form an affiliation with the hospital's Miller Family Heart & Vascular Institute," said Chris Karam, President/CEO, CHRISTUS St. Michael said in a statement Wednesday.

As doctors made rounds at the Texarkana hospital on Wednesday in the Cardiovascular Care Unit, Chief of Cardiovascular Medicine Dr. Jim Hurley told KSLA News 12, "I have been here for 30 years but you can never be anywhere so long that you can't get better, and I think these guys will raise our game."

The Chairman of the Miller Family Heart & Vascular Institute agrees. "CHRISTUS St. Michael already has a strong cardiovascular program, and this affiliation will strengthen it further by giving patients and physicians greater access to the latest advances in cardiovascular care," said Bruce Lytle, M.D.

Dr. Lytle says St. Michael was asked to become an affiliate because of the hospital's commitment to high quality medical are and the alignment between physicians and the hospital. St. Michael's officials say the affiliation should be a plus for the entire area. "I don't want to mislead folks that it will be a site for medical tourism," Karam said at a news conference announcing the affiliation, "but certainly it could have a positive impact for our region and surrounding area."

"Through these relationships, Cleveland Clinic works with quality cardiovascular programs to provide management services, including clinical direction, quality assurance, and access to the latest in cutting-edge technologies and techniques," said Mike Finely, M.D., CHRISTUS St. Michael Regional Chief Medical Officer. "Physicians and health care professionals working with the CHRISTUS St. Michael heart program can participate in training, conferences, and educational programs provided by the nation's No. 1 ranked heart program. Together, we will continue to provide innovative and scientifically based treatments for cardiovascular disease."

"Like our other affiliates, cardiologists and cardiovascular and thoracic surgeons at CHRISTUS St. Michael will collaborate with their colleagues in Cleveland Clinic's Heart & Vascular Institute on a regular basis," said Dr. Lytle. "These relationships help to accelerate mutual accomplishments in cardiovascular and thoracic treatment to provide the highest level of patient care."

Cleveland Clinic's Miller Family Heart & Vascular Institute is one of the largest cardiovascular specialty groups in the world, offering patients expert medical management and a full range of therapies.

Once the program is fully implemented, area heart patients will enjoy greater access to heart surgery clinical trials, treatment protocols and additional research opportunities that are offered through the Cleveland Clinic.

Says Dr. Hurley, "It's a win, win situation for all of our patients in this area."

The affiliation between the 2 facilities goes into effect immediately. The Cleveland Clinic has more than 3,000 physicians and researchers and 11,000 nurses.

CHRISTUS St. Michael Health System employs 1,800.

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