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Highland man runs into burning apartment building to save residents


Residents displaced Thursday by a fire that destroyed their apartment building credit a brave neighbor for alerting them to the flames, possibly saving their lives.

Shreveport fire officials say the fire broke out around 8:20 in the morning at the Country Care Apartments on the corner of Stoner Avenue and Gilbert Drive. The building is destroyed and six families were displaced.

Residents say one man may have saved their lives. "Him and another guy started knocking on everybody's apartment, getting everybody out" says one of the residents, Letha Johnson.

"My blood pressure went up to 148 over 111 and I was already sick and when they got me out of there, I was hurting," says Mary Chatman.

"I'm just a neighbor," says Steve Green. "A guy came by and said one of the upstairs apartments is on fire, so myself and my neighbor went to all the apartments and making sure everybody got out alright" Flames shot 25 feet into the air and smoke filled the apartment building before billowing into the sky.

There were only a few minor injuries from the massive fire, and many residents are thanking Steve Green for the early warning, allowing them to escape to safety. "We had to kick one lady's door down because she was disabled to get her out. She was very frightened and scared and we just told her she need to come out because the apartment overhead was blazing with fire," Green says.

Fire officials say they are still investigating the cause of the fire. They say someone was drying clothes using the heat of the stovetop, and that could have sparked these flames. "It was just dark, like the end of the world or something coming, it was horrible," says Johnson.

Six families are now left with no home, no clothes, and no possessions. "Right now I'm shaking, I'm weak and I don't know what to say or what to do right now," Chatman says.

Many are calling Green a hero for making sure everyone got out alive. "Well I just did what anybody would do in a situation like that, just make sure everybody got out alright," says Green.

The Red Cross was at the scene and is assisting the families. Their apartment manager has relocated 5 of them. We'll keep you updated on the investigation.

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