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Saints fever grows, with Popeyes and green Gatorade in high demand

NEW ORLEANS, La. - When Sean Payton reached deep into his playbook to solve the team's woes on the road, he decided to make some unusual changes.

"Popeye's, red beans and rice, and mashed potatoes are here, so I think that's what will do it for us. I think we're going to be good to go now," says Curtis Loftin.

Players chowed down on Popeye's fried chicken in the locker room last Friday and green Gatorade was served during the game.

In true Who Dat fashion, fans are doing it too.

"Every day the Saints are on TV, it's a good day for Popeye's," says Dwayne Fontenette.

Popeye's is gearing up for long lines this Saturday.

"We're trying to make sure we have enough product and enough staff to service all of our customers," says Fontenette.

They'll also deliver those three-piece dinners to the players.

"If the Saints want Popeye's before every game, then it's our job to make sure they have it," says Fontentte.

"It's been crazy. This is the lemon-lime Gatorade, the green Gatorade right here. The Saints are drinking it and when Coach Sean Payton announced what they were doing, sales started kicking up," says Donny Rouse.

Rouses says sales of green Gatorade doubled since last week, and to prepare for yet another rush, they've ordered additional shipments.

"We have more trucks coming in this evening. It's been amazing to watch," says Rouse.

Of course, the kitchen at Rouses is non-stop, preparing all the orders they'll have to fill for game-day parties.

Who Dats are hyped.

"This is for the little guy. This is for us," says Ronnie Lamarque.

Auto dealer Ronnie Lamarque is sponsoring a "Believe" banner that can be seen flying all over town.

"You can't take ‘believe' away from us," he said. "It's for the community. It's for us to have one voice for our Saints. That's what it's all about."

Whether it's spicy chicken, green Gatorade or just believing in the team, Saints fans are doing whatever it takes to help the team bring home another win this Saturday.

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