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SporTran cancels Saturday East Bossier route, residents upset


SporTran started the year 2014 with changes to their bus schedules in Shreveport-Bossier. It's all a part of their effort to become more efficient, but some residents say it's a problem.

"They just don't understand, how hurtful it really is," East Bossier Resident Sherri Ricketson said, who has seizures and can't legally drive. Ricketson depends heavily on public transportation and is upset about SporTran's decision, starting Jan. 2,  to stop running a bus through East Bossier on Saturdays.

"I'm sorry I'm not trying to get emotional, but it does make me feel like I'm just a piece of dirt and they really just don't care," said Ricketson.
SporTran General Manager Dinero Washington explained to KSLA News 12, the decision isn't personal. It was made strictly based on the results of a rider ship study done last summer by the Northwest Louisiana Council of Governments.  
The group found that on any given Saturday, around 10 to 12 people were riding the buses. Not enough, Dinero said, to keep the Saturday East Bossier bus running and be cost effective. 

"I wish they would have taken into consideration, the feelings of the people who can't drive and depend on them," said Ricketson.

"I depend 100% on the buses to go where I need to go," said Charles Chism, who shares Ricketson's concerns over the changes. "I am a disabled senior citizen, to go where I have to go, I'm a disabled senior citizen, I can't take a walk to Airline Drive to catch a bus on Saturday," said Chism.
Dinero believes the route cancellation will help the company run more efficiently and save tax payer money. But Ricketson, doesn't exactly see it that way, "It makes me feel like, pshh you can walk wherever you need to go, don't worry if its pouring down rain or if it's 7 degrees outside, it doesn't matter, the winds blowing 60 mph, so? Walk it!" she said. 

That's not the only change to Bossier's bus routes. Now during the week, from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m., 3 routes have been canceled and replaced with just one bus. That means a much longer bus ride for passengers. The evening week day routes will stay the same.  

On Saturdays, only one bus will run from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m. compared to the 3 buses that ran before Jan. 2.

Not all routes were trimmed down, some were expanded because of the study's results. According to Dinero, Services to Pines Road have been extended down to the Teleperformance Call Center. 


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