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No permit needed to keep guns in home, but training recommended


The Shreveport woman who says she was forced to shoot an alleged intruder Sunday night also said it was the first time she had ever fired a gun, and that she had no firearms training.

Shreveport Police identified the man as 16 year-old Devon Antonio Young.

Instructors for firearms safety courses will tell you training is very important because so much can go wrong during those situations.

More and more people are taking concealed carry classes in Louisiana, and those numbers include women.

Sommer Jo Bell took a concealed carry course from Bossier Parish Sheriff's Office instructors and is waiting for the State of Louisiana to send her permit.

Bell says she took the course because she believes women are often targeted, and she personally had a close call in which she felt helpless.

"I had a gun in my vehicle which we're all allowed to have, but I didn't have it on my person, so I felt cornered," said Bell.

Carrying a gun on you, and having one in your home or in your car, is a lot different where Louisiana law is concerned.

You do not need a concealed handgun permit to have and maintain a gun in your home, you also do not have to have a permit to carry one in your car, in the state of Louisiana," said Caddo Judge Scott Crichton.

There's also a big difference in defending yourself, and defending your property. Judge Scott says deadly force can't be used while defending your property in Louisiana.

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