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Possible lasting psychological impact for robbery victims

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A local psychologist says there are possible long-term psychological effects for those involved in traumatic events like Sunday's deadly home invasion in Shreveport. 

Police say, Sunday night around 6:15 p.m. an intruder entered a home in the 3000 block of Morningside Dr. According to the homeowner, 63, the gunman demanded she open the safe inside of the home. After opening the safe, the great grandmother was able to grab her own gun and shoot the intruder. 

Devon Antonio Young, 16, died from his injuries. 

"I hate it so bad that it turned out to be a tragedy, but it was either me, us, or him," says the woman. 

Family Psychologist Dr. Bruce McCormick says it can take year for a person to cope with the trauma of killing a person. 

"The thoughts and feelings can stay with people for a lifetime," says McCormick. 

It is challenging for the average person, and it is also difficult for those who are trained to do it. 

I don't know if you can actually prepare someone to kill," says Shreveport Police Lt. Mark Sharbono. 

Sharbono says 10 years ago he went through his own traumatic event. 

He says he dealt with the situation by talking to friends. He says this type of event will put an officer through a variety of different emotional states. 

"You may feel angry, guilt associated with a lot of this, and let the officer know this is all normal," says Sharbono. 

Police believe Devon Young is not only responsible for Sunday's robbery, but another robbery of this same home back in December. The investigation is ongoing. 

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