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Knox family clings to hope that loved one is alive

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Police began searching for Elbert Knox back in June. A month later the search was called off.  Six months later family and friends still have lingering hope that Knox will turn up.

"We just want him back, we just want our loved one back," said Elaine Smith, Knox's sister, when Elbert first went missing. Smith adds "No clues, no signs, nothing."

Gone without a trace, Elbert Knox, who suffers from a mental condition was last seen walking down Kemp Ln. less than a mile from his Circle Dr. home in the MLK area. Tips have led to nothing, police dogs picked up a scent in the area but that too has led to no where.

Michael Smith, Knox's brother in law, says,"It's almost like he vanished."

For the family there are way more questions than answers.  The possibilities of what could have happened to Elbert Knox are seemingly endless.

Elaine says "When we watch the news if we've heard of a body that was found, we'd just be on pins and needles waiting to hear if it's our brother."

Michael adds "The scent just dropped off and he's not the type to get in anybody's car, particularly if he doesn't know you. It's just a real mystery."

When asked if she thought her brother was alive, Elaine responded,"I hope that he his."

She also says the family will never give up hope, "Oh no never, not as long as I live."

If you've seen Elbert Knox and have any information on where he could be you're asked to call police at (318) 673-b-l-u-e or 673-2583.

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