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Protecting your home from freezing weather


As this cold weather moves into our area, there are a few things you'll want to do to make sure your home is safe from the storm. Pipes that freeze and burst can be a serious headache, but they can be easily avoided. 

While East Texas has nothing on the storm that's barreling through the north, it's still cold and very windy. In Longview, nurseries had their plants covered and people were bundled up.

"Tomorrow I'll be staying in the house because the cold isn't for me," said Demarji Devine, who is home from college for winter break.

"I did wrap pipes, but everything is taken care of... so I'm just going to stay in, stay warm and get back home and check on my cooking. I've got a crock pot going," said Bill Warren who was out and about in Longview.

If you haven't taken steps to prep your home, there's still time. Gary Bayless with the Tyler Area Builder's Association says freeze-proofing your home is quick and easy.

"Turn your sprinkler systems off, and if you don't know how to do that just unplug it because they can freeze and they'll break," explains Bayless.

Styrofoam faucet protectors can be purchased at any local home improvement store. Just secure them over an outdoor faucet to prevent freezing. Faucet protectors only cost about $5, but there is a free alternative.

"The alternative is reliable duct tape. Wrap a rag around [the outdoor faucet] and wrap it up with duct tape. That'll help protect from the cold," adds Bayless.

Also, make sure you leave your heat on and your faucets lightly running.

"Inside the house, you want to make sure that you've got a little bit of water just dripping out. That helps to keep it from freezing. As well as leave your cabinet doors open," says Bayless.

Opening the cabinet doors let warm air surround the pipes inside your home. A busted pipe can damage cabinets and flooring costing a homeowner thousands of dollars to repair.

The Tyler Area Builders Association is also cautioning people to be very mindful of their space heaters. If you are using one in your home, make sure there is nothing around it so it does not start a fire.

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