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New Year brings a new kind of political advertising back to Lubbock streets


TheNew Year rings in another election and a new type of political advertising isalready rolling around Lubbock streets.

State Representative Charles Perry took his political campaign toa new level four years ago when he put one of his signs on a giant movingtruck.

Now, it's back and it's even bigger with the primary electionright around the corner.

"I'm the first one who I know of to do it," said ScottStofel, President of Tough Guys LLC. "I was on my way back from vacation afew years ago, and I passed by a truck, a semi truck, and said, ‘They shouldsell advertising on those trucks.' And I said, ‘Well maybe I should selladvertising on my trucks."

Tough Guys, a local moving company, paired up with the District 83representative during his last campaign four years ago. They both say it was aninstant hit.

"I like to think that it had something to do with it,"Stofel said. "Obviously, he beat out a 30-year incumbent. So sure, I'lltake credit for that."

Representative Perry says it just made sense and it is getting alot of attention.

"30,000 cars drive by it a day. It's better than a stationarysign.  It's a rolling billboard," Perry said. 

But the unique signage stirred the pot four years ago.

Stofel said he was fined twice by the city of Lubbock but thosefines were eventually dropped because the sign was within code.

Director of Codes Enforcement Stuart Walker says as long as thetruck isn't parked as a sign and it's used as normal business it is incompliance: (article40.04)

Stofel says the sign is a win-win for everyone.

"The ones of the side of the road are stationary. People passby them, usually the same people every day and they kind of blend in with thebackground. Whereas this, I pull up to intersections and really stickout," Stofal said.

"I enjoy it. I get a hoot out of it," said Perry. 

The primary election is on March 4th. Perry is up against SteveMassengale from the Lubbock Independent School District board.

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