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Flu sweeps across ArkLaTex



The H1N1 Virus is spreading across the ArkLatex, and local physicians recommend taking precautions to keep from catching the possibly deadly virus. 

"It comes on suddenly, hits you rather quickly," says Dr. Stephen Smith. Smith is an urgent care Physician at the Quick Care location on Bert Kouns Industrial. 

He says this year he is seeing more patients with the flu than last year. 

"It has increased the past quite a bit this year compared to the past couple of years for sure," says Smith. 

Smith says this year many people are testing positive for the H1N1 strand of the virus. 

It is recommended to get a flu shot to prevent catching the disease, but a vaccine will not protect you 100% from catching the virus. 

"The vaccine triggers your immune system to fight it off better but it does not keep you from getting the flu," says Smith. 

The flu shot will help lessen the severe symptoms. 

Some symptoms of the flu include fever, headache, coughing, and body aches. 

Getting tested the flu as soon as possible after recognizing the symptoms is the best way to fight the virus once you have it, however the antivirus does not kill the virus itself. 

"It does not kill the virus, it does not keep you from spreading the virus to others," says Smith. 

One way to safeguard against catching or spreading the virus is to wash your hands. 

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