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Emergency officials urge caution for NYE revelers


Ringing in the New Year with fireworks in Shreveport is permissible until 1AM tomorrow morning.

Police expect that cut off, and other rules to be tested.

"We respond to calls every year, we've got children unsupervised shooting fireworks, and really that's a recipe for disaster," said Sgt. Bill Goodin.

Emergency officials are urging caution among New Year's revelers.

"We want them to have a great time with their fireworks but we want them to be smart and safe when possible," said Chief Safety Officer with the Shreveport Fire Department, Scott Wolverton.

The Shreveport Fire Department expects a busy night as well, responding to not only medical calls, but fire calls too.

"Shoot them away from any buildings, and flammable liquids," said Wolverton.

This time of year dead leaves are everywhere, and the fire department wants you to consider this just because you think you have found a good place to light your fireworks, you don't find any dead leaves, that doesn't mean your fireworks won't find any dead leaves.

"They could land on a roof or other places where dry leaves are, dry pine straw may be accumulated up, just be mindful of those that's why you keep that bucket of water close," said Wolverton.

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