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ArkLaTex unemployed fear benefit cut-off


Over the weekend, the emergency unemployment benefit program was cut off as part of the Congressional budget deal. Now, many unemployed people in the ArkLaTex fear finding a job will be that much harder. 

Nationwide, 1.3 million people lost their unemployment benefits, with 7,800 of them right here in Louisiana. 

"You have to go with when the work comes and take the work as it comes," says Robert Hart. 

Hart says he hasn't had steady work in 11 years, and comes to the Labor Ready temp agency in Shreveport on a regular basis. He fears with benefits getting cut it will make it harder for him to find a job. "They can only do so much, and there is only so much work for so many people at one time."

The average household on unemployment will lose roughly $1,100 per month. 

"It's going to hurt them because they are use to that steady money, and now if they haven't saved any money they are going to be in a bind," says Robert Brown. 

Brown says years ago he was on unemployment. He now comes to Labor Ready for part time work, and says he has seen more people in the office since the news of benefits being cut. 

"They were here trying to sign up for work 2 or 3 weeks ago that's because they cut them off, so yeah it's gonna get worse," says Brown. 

Lawmakers plan to discuss the unemployment benefits when they go back in session in January. 

If congress does choose to extend unemployment benefits through 2014 it could cost as much as $19 billion. 

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