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Tips for a safe New Year's Eve


The time left in 2012 is ticking down. This is the last Saturday before the New Year 's Eve celebrations start. That means hundreds of people throughout the Ark-La-Tex are gearing up for fireworks. There are some things to remember before you light the fuse.

"As we move into New Year's Eve, people are going to be shooting fireworks, I heard some last night" Sgt. Bill Goodin, with Shreveport Police Department, says.

Doctors in the emergency room at University Health say they see about 5 to 10 injuries from fireworks every year. They say most of those could be prevented. "When you purchase fireworks, make sure that you read the instructions" Goodin says.

Even the tip of a sparkler is hot enough to cause third-degree burns. "Always have an adult present. We respond to calls every year where we respond to children who are unsupervised shooting fireworks and really that's a recipe for disaster potentially" Goodin says.

Shooting off fireworks is only legal twice a year in the city of Shreveport. "If you're going to shoot one that goes into the air, make sure you are aware of trees, other people's properties, homes, vehicles in the area, so all these are things you need to do, common sense steps to take to respect the rights of others" Goodin says.

Some of those steps are written in law. "It is legal in the city limits of Shreveport up until 10:00 PM each night with the exception of New Year's Eve. On New Year's Eve, you can shoot them into the next morning, January 1st, until 1 in the morning" Goodin says.

Remember, what goes up, must come down. Police want to remind you not to fire any guns in the air. It is illegal and they will be patrolling the streets to catch those firing guns. Use fireworks not firearms!

Shreveport Police say they will also be patrolling for drunk drivers, so remember to use a designated driver or take a taxi.

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