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Last minute shoppers fill Shreveport stores on Christmas Eve

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Stores across the Ark-La-Tex saw a surge in last minutes shoppers Christmas Eve, but don't call all of them procrastinators, some Shreveport shoppers told KSLA News 12 it's "tradition" to shop the day before Christmas.

"It happens every year, it's part of Christmas," said Reginal Paxton, who has his shopping done but observed the crowds in the stores.

"Those last minute shoppers, will always be last minute shoppers," said Gretchen Petterway after loading up several bags of gifts into her trunk. "All of us waiting until the last minute are just all in there shopping together," she said.

"We're doing last minute Christmas shopping because that's what we do," explained friends Noel Walker and Reno Arnold, who said they like the rush and panic of fitting all of their holiday shopping into one day.  "I love it, getting out in the hustle and bustle, that's what makes it fun," said Arnold. 

But distraction nearly resulted in no presents for the two men's family, "Noel wanted me to play golf, but I did not," said Arnold. "I want my family to know I stuck it out and shopped for them," he said. "It would have been my fault we didn't have gifts this year," Walker admitted. 

For last minute shopper, Sherbrina Jones, there is an added benefit when she and her husband go shopping on Christmas Eve. "Everyone is nicer, the Christmas spirit is flowing, we kind of like to get out during that time," she said.

The Christmas rush isn't just isolated to retail stores, Shreveport store, Logan Farms Honey Hams saw their own rush. "Lot's of panicked people are calling us up right now, lot's of panic," Owners Dale and Jami Laurence explained that they worked through the night glazing hams.
Christmas Eve and day are the busiest two days of the year for the Shreveport store, selling up to 1,400 hams.

"The two days combined is 50% of our business for the year," said Laurence and for him, he doesn't mind the influx of business from those late to the shopping game.  

"We are blessed, they chose to use a locally owned business," he said.

If you are also a last minute shopper, you're in luck, some stores are still open.
     *Walmart is open until eight Christmas Eve.
     *Target and K-Mart are open until ten Christmas Eve.
     *Many CVS and Walgreens stores will stay open on Christmas.

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