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Dog Park debate continues, resolution is withdrawn


The Shreveport City Council took up the issue of a possible dog park once again Friday afternoon, this time in the form of Resolution 212. The resolution to repeal the original dog park resolution was withdrawn with a unanimous vote by the council.

This resolution, presented by the mayor, would have repealed the original dog park resolution and possibly ended the ongoing lawsuit between the City and Dog Park Alliance.

The Mayor Cedric Glover spoke on behalf of the resolution before asking the council to withdraw it.

One community member mentioned the need to look at maintenance fees pertaining to a dog park before a compromise is made.

"Dog's don't pay taxes. Dogs are not required or expected to go to college get a job or be a business owner and contribute to the tax payers," says community activist Craig Lee.

"The maintenance cost is a different topic... There's a certain responsibility to maintain city parks already and that means that much more for a dog park. I expect the patron to have a great deal of involvement on maintaining the facility," says Dog Park Alliance Lawyer Dan Keele.

Resolution 220 was read before the city council.

Resolution 220 is the result of special committee meeting between those involved in the dog park debate including city council members, dog park alliance members, and Mayor Glover. The resolution calls for a compromise between all parties and a possible cooperative endeavor agreement.

The resolution could be voted on at the next city council meeting on January 14th, 2012.

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