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Dozens attend vigil/protest over PACC shelter conditions

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

A group claiming it wants to save animals protested outside a meeting at Pima Animal Care Center Thursday night.

Chanting and armed with signs, protestors are upset with PACC for euthanizing what they call a high number of animals.

A group of 50 or so held signs with pictures of animals put down, while calling for change.

"There's not enough room, there's not enough fosters to take the sick animals out," said Bonny Harris. "PACC at this time does not treat relatively minor injuries and illnesses and that's part of what we're hoping to help change."

In just five months, PACC has euthanized more than 3,100 cats and dogs. The majority of those were up for adoption. B ut, PACC officials say the number of animals saved has gone up by 15 percent compared to last year. 

PACC recently unveiled a tent that can house 100 dogs and hiring more staff.

"We have a huge safety net for a lot of these animals," Jose Ocano, PACC volunteer coordinator, said.

We have one of the largest rescue programs in the U.S., I would say an upwards of 4,800 animals. So, it's not like this thing where an animal gets sick and that's it."

"Our hope is that more people will become aware of what's happening and they'll decide they want to get involved and come down whether it's helping here, or getting involved in animal rescue organizations in town," said Harris.

PACC officials agree, they'd like to see more help from the community. PACC is always looking for volunteers, monetary donations and good homes for adoptions.

PACC plans to work with groups like "Pima Paws For Life" which will take animals with illnesses such as colds off site and treat them.

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