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Counterfeit Christmas: Tips to avoid knock-off peddlers


The holiday shopping rush is in full force. But don't let counterfeits ruin your Christmas.

Most shoppers have probably seen knock-off purses, sunglasses, perfumes, movies and electronics being peddled by vendors. Shoppers don't want to spend more money than what items are worth. They also want to make sure they're getting the best quality for the amount of money they're spending.

Unsuspecting shoppers in search of a good deal can fall victim to the peddlers.

People selling counterfeit items and shoppers who don't mind buying the knock-off items can find themselves facing hefty fines, lawsuits or long prison sentences. U.S. Homeland Security Investigator Allen Prejean says items being sold without consent from the trademark owner have been linked to criminal activities. " We see people who are selling counterfeit merchandise, actually, also involved in narcotics. We'll see there has been some ties to possibly some terroristic activity in the past," says Prejean.

Shreveport personal shopper and stylist April Mobley says Chanel or Louis Vuitton knock-off items are among the easiest brands to recognize as fake. "It's easy to tell a fake. Sometimes the leather isn't as high quality and the stitching isn't as good. The L-V's are pointing straight up. So, that's one way to tell that a Louis Vuitton is a fake."

Here's some tips to make sure you don't fall victim to counterfeit Christmas vendors:

  • Know where you are shopping.
  • Make sure it's a reputable shop or website.
  • Do your research—you don't want to pay more money for an item that's actually a knock-off.
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