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Think twice about using social media to share your holiday gifts

Are you planning on tweeting a picture of that new iPad you'll get for Christmas? Maybe you might Instagram your new high definition television. Think again.

Criminals will do anything they can to get their hands on your presents. Every time you turn around it seems like there is a new form of social media, and with more social media, there's more geotagging.

If you don't pay close attention, you could be the next victim. Geotagging makes finding your exact location a piece of cake for criminals.

"I don't think it's a good thing. I don't want anyone to know everything about my life," said Charlotte resident Tara Darling.

Popular sites like Twitter and Instagram are associated with geotagging.

"It makes you think about your privacy settings whether you can go in and change them," said social media user Andi Eisert.

If you have an iPhone, go to your settings, then click privacy and go to location services. There you can turn off, Twitter and other social media applications that uses geotagging. If you have another smartphone, it is a similar process.

If you are a Facebook fan, don't worry. Geotagging doesn't work there, but for extra safety you can disable your location.

If you have privacy concerns, site like Twitter and Instagram address Geotagging, you can visit their individual websites for more information.

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