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Springfield postal center gears up for holiday packages


This is the busiest week of the year for the Springfield Distribution Center of the United States Postal Service.

At the height of the holiday shipping season, the Fiberloid Street branch acts like a buzzing beehive.

Duane Lariviere is the plant manager.

"We do packages for Western Mass, Connecticut and basically from Maine to Western Mass as I stated," said Lariviere.

The center is the second largest in the nation.

Thousands of packages from across New England will be passed around the conveyer belts.

"Approximately 395,000 packages tonight we'll be processing. It can be summarized as a big night," explained Lariviere.

And with that, comes the need for an extra set of hands.

"We employee 1,500 yearly employees and approximately 500 Christmas temporary employees," said Lariviere.

Each employee will stamp, sort and x-ray the packages to make sure they reach their final destinations.

And if you're worried this week's snowy weather will hold your package back, Lariviere said not to worry.

"We're confident with weather like this. We live in New England. The mail will go out today. It's a massive facility and a lot of product and I have to say, it's the employees who make it all work," said Lariviere.

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