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Shreveport dog park saga continues


Shreveport City Leaders met in another special session Monday afternoon to discuss the future of a possible Shreveport dog park.

It was the latest in a series of special meetings to discuss the possible options moving forward.

The City Council previously delayed a decision on a proposal to repeal a resolution requiring Mayor Cedric Glover to sign off on an agreement with the Red River Waterway Commission to accept the $280,000 to build the dog park at Hamel Memorial Park.

Members of the special committee, including Mayor Cedric Glover, discussed the possibility of signing the new "draft" resolution proposed in last week's session.

The "draft" resolution outlines the possibility making Stoner Park the primary building location, along with possibly dropping the current lawsuit by the Dog Park Alliance once a Cooperative Endeavor  Agreement is signed.

"For a long time we weren't hearing a lot of movement toward a new idea, and it does seem like since this discussion has come up and this draft resolution has been proposed we have seen some movement toward a resolution," says City Council member Jeff Everson.

Mayor Cedric Glover is suggesting the original Dog Park resolution be thrown out, and letting the Red River Waterway Commission spearhead this project moving forward.

"The idea that you want to hold this bad resolution, 133 from last year, as a threat to somehow force my hand in signing the next cooperative endeavor agreement is wrong policy," says Mayor Cedric Glover.

The meeting ended without a decision.

On December 20, the City Council will have a chance to vote on the Mayor's proposal to repeal the original resolution.

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