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Mystery tip leaves bartenders stunned


It was more than a tip. The $5,000 in gratuity is part of a national acts of kindness campaign popping up on social media.

It's called Tips for Jesus, and the wait staff in Connecticut who got the money this weekend are already helping others.

Saturday night at the Sea Grape in Fairfield, which is known as a college bar, turned into quite a celebration.

Four bartenders waiting on three guys got the "thank you" when the men paid their $112 drink tab and left a tip of $5,000.

At first the bartenders thought the men were not happy with their service.

"They asked for their tab and then asked for a back room to go to sign it," said bartender Ashley Latella.

It turns out the big tippers are with a group called Tips for Jesus, who have been posting on Instagram.

"Hard to beat the service at The Seagrape... Thanks Tremaine! #tipsforjesus #godbless #thumbsup," the Instagram post stated.

"I had tears of joy and I hugged them," Latella said. "They were like, 'There you go, Merry Christmas.' And then they were just gone. They left."

The four bartenders decided to spend most of the money on toys that they donated to A's Angels, which is a group that helps children who are in need. The bartenders said they were already planning to help others this holiday.

"I was able to take my giving to another level and able to by so many new," Latella said. "It's something I was already going, but they helped so much more."

For these bartenders, the real holiday message is what they learned about others.

"There are great people, generous and giving people out there," Latella said. "I think the moral of the story is it doesn't matter how much many you have, you can still give."

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