'Little Free Library' Shreveport effort faces rough start, vows to push forward

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - "Little Free Library," a movement sweeping the nation, aiming to encourage reading books in communities, has reached Shreveport-Bossier.

The idea here locally has had a rocky start after one of their book boxes was taken. Brittany Turner is a self proclaimed "book person," and the organizer behind the Shreveport's Little Free Library effort. "I really like the idea of using as a foundation for building neighborhoods for building walkable communities," said Turner.

"Basically it's a concept of give a book, take a book, where it's really run by the neighborhood and it builds a sense of community," she said.

Currently there is just one Little Free Library in Shreveport, on Line Avenue.  There was a second free library on Highland and Dudley, but Turner explained someone took the word 'free' a little too literally and not only took all the books, but the library structure too.

"It wasn't up for even 24 hours, she put it up in the evening after work and by 5:15 in the morning she had been alerted it was no longer there," said Turner.

Still the literacy advocate sees it only as a minor set back and is looking on the bright side of the situation. "They took the books too, the whole thing, so hopefully we have a real avid reader in the community who is getting some enjoyment out of them," Turner said.

Looking forward she hopes little free libraries like this one, will pop up in every community. "We have put up lawn signs, that says a future home of a little free library, so if you see one of those, you'll know, there is one coming soon," she explained.

In fact, there is already a wait list with 15 people on it, including one in Bossier, volunteering to put one up in their yard.

If you are interested in the program, click here. 

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