Construction begins on 45 million dollar Bossier sewer plant

Construction begins for sewer plant on Cash Point Road
Construction begins for sewer plant on Cash Point Road


Construction has started for the 45 million dollar Sewer Plant on Cash Point Road in North Bossier. Bossier Parish leaders hope the plant will be the answer to outdated ways of treating waste in the rural areas of the parish. 

The plant will specifically benefit the Red Chute area of Bossier Parish along Highway 80. Currently, where you see development in that area, you'll likely find individually owned sewage plants and oxidation ponds. Currently, as a result of a lack of community sewage line available, all developers and businesses must provide their own means of treating and disposing of waste. 33 of those plants exist along Highway 80, one even in front of an elementary school. 

All of the treated sewage from these systems currently goes into ditches and creeks. Not the best environmental option, according to Bossier Parish Engineer Butch Ford, state and parish leaders, along with the Department of Environmental Quality agree. That's why 10 years ago, parish leaders began plans to build a community sewer system for thousands of customers along Highway 80.

Ford explained they've come up with the 45 million dollars necessary through 15 million in state funds from the capitol outlay program, a 12 million dollar low interest DEQ loan, and a 12 million dollar parish loan. 

The customers are now paying the rest with higher rates. Their rates went up from on average $20.00 a month in sewer fees to $40.00 in fees about a year ago. 

Ford expects the new sewer plant to be operational by the first quarter of 2015.