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Bossier food pantry works to stamp out hunger, one person at a time


A Bossier church food pantry knows first hand, the struggle to feed the hungry is real. Though resources are limited, the Christ the King Food Pantry isn't giving up their battle to stamp out hunger in the parish.

Food Pantry volunteer Rita Bailey can fill a bag full of food donations in just minutes. "The beans and the rice, now the bag is ready to go," Bailey said as she packed the bag full.

Bailey volunteers much of her time at the pantry, mainly readying the bags for those in need. "I like to come here, it gives me something to do since I'm a widow and don't have a job," she said.

While the building that houses the pantry is plain looking on the outside, there is nothing plain about what the volunteers do inside those walls. 40 volunteers feed about 1,000 people per month and many of the volunteers are elderly, around 80 years of age.

"We wanted to stamp out hunger in Bossier Parish and we are trying our best," said Agency Director George Gordano, he helped start the food pantry 23 years ago. "It's getting tougher and tougher every year," he said.

Each month, people who are approved, get a bag of non-perishable food, plus meat, eggs, and butter. Each bag costs the agency 45-dollars. According to Gordano, just in the last month, they gave out 475 bags of food. Even with donations, sometimes it's still not enough. "We're getting pretty low on food," he said and explained when that happens, all they can do is fill the bags with what they have.

"They are thankful for what they get when we help them out," said Bailey and that gratitude is enough to keep her coming back to volunteer, day after day.

The Food Pantry is open Tuesday and Thursday from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. The Food Pantry is located on the corner of Bennet Street and Ogilvie Street. If you are interested in volunteering or receiving food, call: 318-425-1669.

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