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Witnesses: Hatchet attack at Marshall, TX store could have been worse

Christopher Hamilton (Source: Marshall Police Department) Christopher Hamilton (Source: Marshall Police Department)

After a weekend attack at an East Texas Walmart, witnesses explained the situation could have been worse, had a customer not intervened.

According to Marshall Police, a transient man from Arkansas, Christopher Hamilton walked into the Marshall Walmart and attacked two employees and a customer with a hatchet. 

"No motive is known at this time," said MPD spokesman Detective Sonja Johnson. 

While police investigated Sunday morning, the big box store was on lock down and for M'sa Dunn the hours passed slowly, not knowing if her family member, a Marshall Walmart Employee was okay.  "Not knowing was the hardest part," said Dunn.

Her sister-in-law was just feet away from Hamilton as he started his attack, she said. Turns out Dunn's sister-in-law wasn't harmed, but shaken. "The last thing you expect when you go to Walmart is for someone to do that," said Dunn. 

An employee who witnessed the incident, whose manager requested she stay off camera, explained to KSLA News 12, that the situation was terrifying and it seemed like a scene right out of a horror movie because there was blood everywhere. Witness Stacy Stewart explained the aftermath of the hectic situation, "A lot of chaos going on, associates crying, customers standing there bleeding and trying to get bandaged up." 
A Calmar spokesperson says one customer and two employees were hurt in the attack. One worker spent the night in the hospital. "People going to work shouldn't have to fear for their life like that, that's just crazy," said Dunn. The spokesman explained the attacker turned on a customer after the good Samaritan threw soup cans at Hamilton, trying to get him to stop the attack.  Another eye witness tells KSLA News 12, that's when Hamilton took off running.
It took police an hour and a half, but police say they tracked him down in a wooded area behind the store. He was then arrested and booked in to jail. Still, even with Hamilton off the streets, college student Dre Adams says the community is now on alert after what happened. "It's just crazy because what if I had been here at that time?!"

The community reports having seen Hamilton at several street corners lately, begging for money. Hamilton is charged with three counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.
He remains in the Harrison County Jail on a $225,000.00 bond.

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