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Furloughs a possibility for Homer Police Department

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Budget troubles may keep Homer Police officers from getting paychecks this month, unless emergency action is taken. A special meeting was held Wednesday evening at Homer's City Hall to discuss the police department's budget issues, though in a surprising twist, four out of five board members were absent.

As of Monday, the Homer Police Department, is out of money for the year, leaving a crisis for the town's board to resolve. But when it came time to vote on solutions to keep the police department running, there were more empty board seats than filled ones. Only board member, Donald McCalman, attended the meeting, "I thought it was very important we were discussing something for the benefit of all citizens," said McCalman.

Homer residents waited patiently for the meeting to start as members of the police department even knocked on the doors of the absent board members homes to remind them of the meeting. But after 45 minutes, there was still no sign of the missing board members, which forced Mayor Alecia Smith to end the meeting for the day. "I'm sure there is a good reason why they are not here, but I'm not sure why they showed up," said Smith. 

Still on the table, two solutions both attorneys for both the mayor and police chief are offering. Plan A is to transfer money from the general fund to keep the department running. Plan B is to furlough all police officers with the exception of the police chief and pay the Claiborne Sheriff's Office $100,000.00 to provide law enforcement services. "It's not rocket science about what needs to be done, we just need to get the council here to do it," said the Chief of Police's attorney Pamela Breedlove.

Another special meeting was called at 6 p.m. on Thursday to find a solution to their budget problems. 

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