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Video reveals SPD saving children from burning home

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Dashcam video from a police officer's cruiser shows the officer's efforts to rescue a family from their burning home on Thanksgiving morning in Shreveport. It happened in the 5200 block of Kent Avenue. It tells the story of several heroic Shreveport police officers. The video shows the officers, truly, putting their lives on the line to rescue 5 children from a burning home.

In the video, flames are visible from the burning home as the police car pulls up to the burning home. Shreveport police officers were the first on the scene. "Oh Jesus, one on the floor, one on the floor! Fill him with air, he's moving," one of the officers yells from inside the home as they rescue several children from the flames.

The mother was screaming that her kids were inside the burning home. The dashcam video shows the officer ensuring everyone got out alive: "how many were in there? How many?" The mother replies: "Three… it was three it was three! Where is my baby!?"

Officers rush into the home to save the 5 toddlers: "started busting windows out, could hear the kids screaming and crying. Couldn't get in."

 In the video you can hear the officers counting the children: "I need to confirm, we got three out how many did y'all get out?" A second officer replies: "We got one right in here, they got 2 that way. This is the baby I pulled out on the bed."

All 5 children were pulled out of windows, all alive. "They're breathing so far, that last one Jordan brought out, he was breathing, I saw him moving on the ground so the littlest one I got out was burned up bad" an officer says.

Three of those toddlers are being treated at university health. In a clip from the dashcam video, you can hear an officer asking the rescuer what happened:

Officer 1: "There were some adults in there?"

Officer 2: "Yeah."

Officer 1: "And they just got out?"

Officer 2: "Yeah."

Officer 1: "Left the kids?"

Officer 2: "Yeah. And when we got there that room wasn't engulfed yet. We tried going in the front, couldn't get more than 3 feet."

The dashcam video shows the officer risking their own lives because they say, losing a child, is not an option. "You're going to burn up in there! It happens, you have to do what you have to do. 5 years ago we didn't get one out and I ain't going to let that happen again."

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