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Jeffco Commission accuses attorneys of shakedown

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Jefferson County Commission (File photo) Jefferson County Commission (File photo)

The Jefferson County Commission says attorneys representing the sewer rate paying citizens of the county have asked for large sums of money to end their opposition against county actions.

In a meeting on Wednesday, Commission President David Carrington said attorney Calvin Grigsby offered to drop opposition to the county bankruptcy plan if he was paid $250,000 in legal fees. He says the offer was made during confirmation hearings last month.

Calvin Grigsby tells FOX6 News that Carrington's accusation is a "bold-faced lie." Grigsby says he filed paperwork two days ago for legal fees and an appeal of the judge's decision.

Grigsby questioned, why would he spit in the face of someone he wants to get $250,000 from and file an appeal? He said it will be up to the court to decide the legal fees.

Carrington also made the claim that the Wilson Group offered to drop their appeal for $6 million in attorney fees. The offer was made on Tuesday, according to Carrington.

"I think it is a sad comment, as we said, we have people who purport to represent the sewer rate payers that, at the end of the battle, tried to sell out for 30 pieces of silver," said Carrington.

Commissioner George Bowman, who had worked with Grigsby previously, stated that Grigsby "had never asked for a dime" for as long as he has known him.

Attorney Joshua Firth, who represents some of the Wilson plaintiffs, says Carrington is grossly misrepresenting to the public what they are seeking. Firth says they have been involved in the case since 2008 and there have been talks of a settlement. He says at no time have they sought any money from the county, and adds, if there was any money, it would come from JPMorgan or others he describes as "bad actors."

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