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ETX man attempts world record in Salvation Army bell ringing competition


Six salvation army bells ran throughout Tuesday night in four different states. 

The Salvation Army bell ringing contest started Tuesday morning and one East Texas man is representing the entire state of Texas. 

He is competing against one person in Minnesota, three people in California, and one person in Montana to see who can ring the Salvation Army bell the longest. 

"It's non-stop bell ringing, that's no sleep, and no sitting down and if the bell stops ringing you're out," says Andre Thompson, a Christian rapper from East Texas who is trying to beat the world record for Salvation Army bell ringing. 

Volunteers are watching Thompson closely, making sure the bell doesn't stop. They are also by his side for support. 

"If I need something to drink they go get me something to drink. They talk to me to get my mind off the bell ringing," Thompson says.

Hand warmers, snacks, and extra bells are on standby, in case Thompson rings the first one so much it breaks.

Thompson has never done this before but he says he has what it takes to win, "At two or three o'clock in the morning I might get a little fatigued but I have Christ on my side so I can do all things."

The winners from last year's competition are from New Mexico and California. They set a world record by ringing the bell for 80 hours. 

"That's two normal work weeks for a person and he's just going to be standing out here non-stop awake, that's crazy," says Kevin Tennant, a Walgreens customer.

Thompson hopes greeting people at the 24-hour Walgreens will help him stay alert and increase the money in his Salvation Army bucket. 

Last year's winners raised several thousand dollars.

Thompson says donations are important but he also has another goal,"Hopefully I can touch somebody's heart into helping somebody out and can get somebody to come into Christ to ask Jesus in their heart."

He hopes you will stop by and join his journey to giving every East Texan a very Merry Christmas.

To donate to Andre Thompson's Salvation Army bucket click here.

To volunteer as a supervisor who monitors Thompson during the competition call 903-283-8626.

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