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$10,000 tip from guest just one of many 'Tips for Jesus'

(Source: Instagram) (Source: Instagram)
(Source: @tipsforjesus) (Source: @tipsforjesus)

It's what's being called an outrageous form of generosity. Across the country, someone, using the reference 'Tips for Jesus' has been leaving tips of enormous proportions to the delight of servers since September.

A record of the mystery tips is being kept in a public Instagram account, revealing the exact numbers of the large amounts alongside big smiles from staff.

Tips posted have been seen in amounts of $5,000 and even $10,000.

Comments posted to the various images on the account have been overwhelmingly positive in reaction to the generosity.

The person or people behind 'Tips for Jesus' choose to remain anonymous, however, leaving towering tips for servers at restaurants from California to Indiana.

The amazingly large tips shine in a stark difference to the generally low pay and long hours of restaurant servers.

The anonymous account holder (or holders) has not made any statements of why they started their generous campaign or how long they intend to keep it going.

The description on the Instagram account, which has accumulated more than 14,000 followers simply says, "Doing the Lord's work, one tip at a time."

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