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New Bodcau Gate opens on east side of BAFB


Barksdale Air Force Base residents and employees are now able to get in and out of the new Bodcau Gate on the east side of the base.

The new gate is getting different reactions from residents on both sides of the gate, like cousins Elizabeth Muatz and Diana Villarreal who were both born and raised off of Bodcau Station Road in East Bossier.

Now for the first time in their lives, their neighborhood is about to change. "It's going to be different, way different," said Muatz. Just steps from their homes, the new $1.6 million dollar Barksdale Bodcau Gate is set to open Monday.

With it's opening, the cousins expect the dynamic of their quiet neighborhood to change, "It's like the city is coming in, you know!" said Muatz. Initially, the gate was planned to only be available to school buses in the mornings and afternoons, but those plans have changed. Now it will open to anyone with base access, with the exception of contractors and delivery vehicles, Monday through Friday from 5:30 a.m. until 7:30 p.m.

"We're worried about the gate opening, because there is going to be so much traffic and more noise," said Villarreal.

A BAFB spokesman tells us the decision to open the gate longer hours was made by the Wing Commander and his staff because of plans to close another gate, the North Gate, for four months to construct a nearly $400,000.00 dollar canopy for the guard shack.

BAFB Civil Engineer Scott Vincent explained that's not the only reason, "I think his main consideration at this point in time was for the convenience of the east side residents, the 2,000 folks that live out here." Vincent explained by using the new gate, the people who live on the base's east side will be able to cut out up to 20 minutes of travel time through the base. "The folks here are clamoring for the gate to open," he said and while the same can't be said for these neighbors on the other side of the gate, Muatz and Villarreal told KSLA News 12, they'll try to get used to the changes, "Let's do it. We can't do anything about it, just adjust to it. It's for a good cause, it's for our country," they said.

The new Bodcau Gate opened with a special ceremony at 10:30 a.m. Monday morning. The longest resident of the East Reservation, Tech. Sgt. Cedric Colon, and his family had the honors of being the first to drive through the new gate with his family. Colon works in the 26th Operational Weather Squadron.

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