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Ark-La-Tex prepares for possible ice storm

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DOTD has a stock of 2 million pounds of salt on standby DOTD has a stock of 2 million pounds of salt on standby

With wintry icy weather possibly heading to the Ark-La-Tex, the Department of Transportation and Development (DOTD) isn't the only one keeping a close eye on the interstates, so are the residents. "It's going to be cold, that's what it's going to be!" said Shreveport native Jeff Clark, who has seen his fair share of icy winters through the years.

When Clark hears a cold snap is coming, he knows exactly what to do. "Anything that can freeze, you got to take care of it, anything: pool, plants, kids, dogs," Clark explained and added that there is a piece of wisdom he lives by when it comes to staying safe on a slick road.  "If you don't have to drive, don't drive!"

But for all of those who do have to drive DOTD spokesperson Susan Stafford says they've got you covered. "Safety is a priority when it comes to our roadways," said Stafford.

The DOTD has a stock of more than 2 million pounds of salt,  to help make the roads in Northwest Louisiana a little less slick, a majority of that salt is stored in Bossier City. "We will have crews working around the clock, 24 hours a day, they will go out and scout and monitor those road ways and look for ice," said Stafford and explained it's also up to the drivers to avoid accidents by being extra careful.

"I would just slow down tomorrow, be very observant and watch for bridges and overpasses. It's just common sense," said Clark.

If you want information about road closures, you can find out by dialing 511 or by clicking here.

SWEPCO is also preparing for the icy weather. According to SWEPCO's Facebook page, they are focusing their attention on Northeast Texas, specifically in Texarkana and Mount Pleasant. If outages happen, about 150 people are on standby to flip the lights back on.

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