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KSLA News 12 Editorial: Nov. 21st-Kennedy Assassination

When President John Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas 50 years ago, I was in sixth grade.

I recall we were out on the playground for a recess when news quickly spread. The president had been shot. Recess was cancelled and the nuns put us back into our classrooms. I think school was let out early that day.

And over the next few days, I, along with my parents and millions of other Americans, were glued to our black and white T.V. set watching events unfold.

It's one of those moments you always remember. Where were you when the president was shot?

I asked that question in a meeting here at the T.V. station a few days ago. Of those in the room, only one was even alive when it happened and he was three. I was the only one who actually experienced that day. And because of that, my generation has a bigger appreciation for what happened. And it saddens us still today. For those of a younger generation it's something they read in a history book. It doesn't have the same meaning.

It's hard to believe it has been 50 years. Time passes quickly. And it is still remarkable to me how much that day in Dallas still impacts those of us who lived through that terrible time.

Where were you when the president was shot?

I'm James Smith.

Viewer comments:

I was on the Naval Base at Guatanamo Bay, Cuba working in the Naval Supply Depot. It was a while before we got all the news but it was very scary as we didn't know which Cubans (they crossed onto the base daily) were our friend or enemy. I was in a supply building and they sent me back to the office immediately to be sure I was safe. I had about 15-20 men that was working for me at the time.
We were sent home early to prepare ourselves in case we were evacuated again. YES, Again!! I was there when President Kennedy ordered all civilians and dependents to evacuate during the missile crises.

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