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Reality Check: Is the National Weather Service outdated?


When severe weather threatens the Tri-State, FOX19 alwayshas planning discussions to answer various questions.

What is the main threat? When will itget here? Will the threat be isolated or system wide? Will we coverprogramming?

All of our conversations have one goalin mind - how do we best serve you, our viewers? 

What we are trying to do is strike abalance between informing you and intruding on your life. In some situations, it'sa no brainer.

Remember March 2, 2012? Parts ofCrittenden, Piner, Peach Grove and most of Moscow were devastated by EF3 andEF4 tornadoes.

We go on the air before the stormsarrive and stay on the air non-stop until the danger ends. No one questions thiswall-to-wall coverage, because in a situation like this, people will die ifthey do not have time to take cover.

My most important responsibility as aTV meteorologist is to look at the camera and tell you to take cover now. Itdoesn't happen often. In 35 years I have had to do that only three times.

No matter how dangerous a severe stormsystem looks, by the time it gets here it will have changed. They all change.

As I have said many, many times, ALL ofthe elements have to come together just right for there to be a deadlyoutbreak.

That is just what happened on Sundayin northern Illinois - a rare deadly, devastating November tornado outbreak.

The news of the powerful killer stormssurged through social media as the storm system headed our way.

At the same time it was becoming moreand more obvious that the system we would get WOULD NOT be anything at all likeWashington, Illinois.

When it was all over, the end resulthere was scattered. The FOX19 viewing area saw mostly minor damage.

So what was all the fuss about?

Meteorologically speaking it wasobvious there was not the slightest chance a tornado like the Illinois EF4would form here.

The National Weather Service issuedsix tornado warnings with no clarifying statements that the system wascompletely different than hours earlier… and most TV meteorologists justfollowed along.

As far as the National Weather Servicegoes, their system is either broken or severely outdated. Way too many times dothey cry wolf.

That's Reality Check.

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