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TN family moves so daughter can receive medical marijuana for treatment


Medical marijuana is not legal in Tennessee, but some lawmakers and supporters hope to change that during the upcoming session. For the Koozer family, a vote like that could mean treatment for their daughter back in their home state.

The family says some days are better than others, based on the number of 2-year-old Piper's debilitating seizures.

"We've gone through nine different seizure medications. We've been on a couple different diets, many different supplements, and this was really our last resort," said Justin Koozer.

After consulting Piper's doctor, the Koozers packed up their east Tennessee home and moved to Colorado.

A few weeks ago, Piper got her first dose of medical marijuana. Koozer says he's already noticed a difference.

"At her worst point, which was February of 2012, she was having around 400 spasms per day. And we've had three days this week where she had two to three signal spasms, so it's a pretty significant change," he said.

For several years, Tennessee State Rep. Sherry Jones has tried to pass a bill to legalize medical marijuana. She plans to file another this coming session.

Jones says the bill does have regulations, but as more people move to states where it's legal, Jones says it's time state lawmakers vote to help those like Piper.

"You're making tax dollars off something that benefits people. It couldn't hurt our state for sure. I'm sure that there will still be marijuana brought in because it's not legalized totally, but at least we can do what we need to to help people," Jones said.

Jones says the bill should be filed sometime next week. The General Assembly reconvenes in January.

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